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Fine, custom-made instruments
by Dave Means
I'm a one-man shop in Annapolis, specializing in building high-quality ukuleles in all sizes.  I cater to the player who wants a one-of-a-kind custom instrument that matches his or her individual aesthetic, tonal desires, and budget.
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Glyph Custom 'Ukuleles
2237 Mulberry Hill Road
Annapolis, MD  21409
Four Complete Songs on Four Sizes of Glyph Ukes Performed by
James "Fleastomper" Key on Audio Samples Page
Songs played on each size of uke
A New MezzoSoprano for John Wang up on the MezzoSopranos page (11/18/10)
New Glyph "5K" for Brian Wilkes on the Sopranos page (11/18/10)
IMPORTANT NOTE:  After much soul-searching since the recent death of my wife, I have decided that I need to reduce my stress and get my waiting list down to a more manageable size.  To that end, I'm temporarily suspending the taking of new orders until I get caught up to the point at which the administrative burden of the waiting list is no longer seriously impacting my shop time.  This is effective immediately.

New Concert for Lee Lund on the Concerts Page (11/18/10)