James "Fleastomper" Key's Koa Concert with "Skunk Stripe," Paua Abalone Purfling, and Tail Graft Monogram
ClCurly spalted koa rosette
   Purpleheart purfling line bordered in ebony and maple
   Curly koa bindings
Click hRosewood and maple herringbone neck inlay
          Bone position markers show on top and sidesere to add your text.
Spalted curly koa
peghead overlay
Nancy Eaton's Curly Mango Concert
Dave Swan's Koa Concert
Double-Puka.Koa Concert for James Lee
Long-Scale Koa Concert for Santosha
Lyon & Healy Deluxe AppointmentsClick here to 
Burl Maple Rosette
Peghed Tunersadd your text.
AAAA Curly Koa Concert for Chris Stocksmith
"Style 3" fretboard inlays and purfling
Grade AAAA curly koa, maple bindings
Custom "Jenny" tail graft inlay
"Peghed" tuners
Peghed 4:1 Geared Tuners
Spruce-Topped Mahogany "Double-Helix" Concert for Microbiologist Paul Goodrich
The First Glyph "Down Under"!... Don Sinclair's Spalted Curly Mango Concert
Peghed tuners and monogram inlayyour text.
Curly koa binding, spalted curly koa rosette, purpleheart purflingd your text.
An Unbound Concert with One-Piece Top and Back for Bill Grailich
A Curly Koa Concert with "Style 3" Appointments for Ross Lum
A Curly Koa Concert for Brad Moore
A Curly Koa Concert for Tim O'Neill
Brazilian rosewood fretboard, bridge, and binding
The Chesapeake Bay Eco-Uke for Middle-School Science Teacher Ben Thompson
Headstock and fretboard inlays in mother of pearl, paua abalone, green abalone, tahitian black pearl, deer antler and old piano key ivory (for the terrapin)Click here to add your text.
Blue crab hiding among endangered submerged aquatic grasses (celery grass and redhead grass) on fretboardlick here to add your text.
Really spectacular Master Grade curly koaClick here to add your text.
CPeghed planetary geared tunerslick here to add your text.
A Rope-Bound Mango 8-String for "Flamingo Jeff" Pfeffer
A Concert in Spectacular Mango for Don McGlewick here to add your text.
Spalted koa headstock overlay & rosette
A Dias-Style, Long-Scale Concert for Michael DeMeo
A Long-Scale 5-String for Ross Lum
Asymmetrical slotted headstock with Waverly tuning machines
An Unbound Curly Mango Concert for Bruce Evans
A Curly Koa Concert for Jaydean Maschak
A Spruce-Topped Curly Koa Concert for Dan "Cool Hand Uke" Scanlan
MOP petroglyph position markers and signature 
headstock inlay
"The Yells", a Mahogany Concert in the Style of the Gibson Style 3, for Rufus Yells
Rufus is a great Gibson fan, and always lamented the fact that Gibson never made a concert to match his beloved Style 3 sopranos.  So... he asked me to make him one!
A 5-String Dias-Style Concert for Murchie
Grade AAAA curly koa back and sides
Peghed tuners
All roped up!
One-piece Swiss spruce top with nice silk
Hand made custom mahogany case
with rope banding
A "Lefty" Curly Koa Concert for Art Harris
A Concert in a Festival of Tropical Woods for Adrian Eldin
Mango soundboard, pheasant wood back and sides, curly koa binding and rosette, milo fretboard and bridge, ohia tail graft and heel cap, bloodwood purfling, and Honduras mahogany neck
Tailgraft inlay design suited to a retired mason
A Koa Concert for Kris Munson
Two Koa Concerts for Nobu and Lucy
5-String long-scale with slotted peghead and Waverly tuners
A Curly Koa Concert for Bill Jonesick here to add your text.
This Concert for Daniel Wright is "Dead" on Arrival!
A Curly Koa Concert with Abalone Purfling for Dave DiamantClick here to add text.
Click here to add text.
 A Curly Koa Concert for Michael diDonatot .
A Koa Concert With "Style 3" Appointments for Lee Lund